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August 12th 2011 Update

Posted on August 13, 2011 at 3:00 AM

I went into the Drs conference, confident, hopeful, and full of faith! I came out beaten up bruised and saddend... But first off let me start by saying, that this foundation may be shaken, but I SHALL NOT BE MOVED!! for I stand on solid rock and each time the enemy throws darts at us, the word of God our sheild protects us from those firey darts. and with bad or good news my faith, hope, and trust will always be in the Lord.. The enemy tries to tear me down, and he is losing!


so with that in mind...


Elijahs Legs : with the xrays coming back clear and normal I still was concerned because he complains of pain in his ankles especially in his right ankle.. there is NO swelling or any show of infection... but Why was he still Limping, with all that I can do as home remedies.? The Drs. proceeded to say that they want to enforce MIBG test (which he goes in Wednesday to get in the injection to light up his bones and thrusday he goes under scan, 3-4 hours) This MIBG is to scan and see if there was a re-occurance of spreading cancer into his legs... YES, the drs said there could be a chance of cancer spreading to his legs... HOW? u ask? well let me tell you how, than tell you what i said about it.

Neuroblastoma is fast rapid growing cancer.. and tumors grow really fast, if there happens to be 1 microscopic cell that still Lingers around can graab onto the bone and begin to grow.. and grow fast enough to start damaging in a week or more... With all that chemo and 2 transplants, how can that be? Dr Twist told us that she has seen this happen and its not uncommon.. theres a 50/5o chance that this could be the case she mentioned... neuroblastoma cancer cells are very complicated... and IF (not claiming it, but for example to explain) IF he were to get cancer in his legs, theres not much they can do, chemo cant help it, basically saying its not curable!

I quickly turned and said to the dr "I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!" I wont accept he has cancer in his legs.. I told her Im gonna keep a positive attitude and create the atmosphere of Faith and believe he does NOT have cancer in his legs... I said we are not gonna speak it into the air and The dr Agreed and believed with me!! so that was that!! So Elijah will stil get the MIBG test next week!


RADIATION : I was so dead against radiation.. I mean if we avoid radiation that causes cancer why give it? this was my understanding of radiation.

I went in saying The drs cannot change my mind, i have made up my mind already, and ronnie and I both mutually agreed we both didnt want to do it.. it didnt seem nessiscary since it was only a preventative and the dosages were so small that it would'nt make too much of a difference..

What Im about to say, some of you may not understand.. God works in ways we may not always understand... But Gods ways, are not always our ways! So with that being said. The spirit of God checked me in the middle of our conversation, and In this checking I felt an abundance of peace from the Lord. I distinctly heard him say "My ways are not your ways" I have a plan and your fleshly wants and desires cannot get in the way of my plan" and I heard "follow protocol" I knew this was from the Lord, cuz first of all I was totally dead against radiation in the first place, and my want was not to get it, and yes i was following my feelings on this decision and not really hearing God in this... I finally heard his voice speak to me on this specific subject... So I had talked with Ronnie and it was confirmed we will follow through with radiation.. You have to remember that this dosage he will be getting is NOT damagable, the worst that can happen is dry throat or swelling in glands.. but thats it.. Its not enough to Cause A secondary cancer, which the chemo Elijah had already had actually causes secondary cancers like lukemia, and not the radiation, and it wont accell the percentage of making the ratings higher for lukemia or anything! I feel so at peace and comfortable at making this decision, ok really i Did'nt make it, God made it for me!!


MAINTANANCE THERAPY: Maintanance therapy includes us being home for 2 weeks, than being impatient down here at LPCH for 2 week.. Home will be a oral pill he will take everyday, with blood checks consistantly... and than 2 weeks at hospital with chemo being entered into his central line as like before.. but very low dosages.. WE HAVE 6 MONTHS OF THIS!!!!!! so the end isnt quite near!!! we still have many more hurdles to jump, as long as theres not mountains to climb.. hurdles to jump are much easier!!


Coming Home : Coming home is not going to be when we thought it was going to be.. God has his plans and I trust him... So because of Radiation will start the end of august or beginning of September, we can only visit Home for right now, but we stay here locally.. I am planning on coming home for 2 weeks before radiation is to start!! Than maintanance therapy we will be here for a month for trial testing to make sure he doesnt have any bad reactions or sicknesses.. than OCTober we will be hom for the 2 weeks back and forth....


God is in control! thats all that matters.. He has Elijah and is taking care of him!!! Thank you Lord!

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