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Cancer free and Maintanance

Posted on May 22, 2011 at 12:00 AM

After all the tests were done, we found out, that there was no evidence of Neuroblastoma anywhere in his body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE KNOW he is cancer free... Unfortunatly the Drs havnt claimed it yet, so therefore we must follow protocol (which would be wise to do so) and we are recieving (HIS OWN) Bone marrow stem cells infusion (aka transplant)!!!

He has been randomized to 2 transplants but after all is said and done, we wont have much to do afterwards!!

So we Just Got done with the Second Transplant. and within a Week, Elijah is at full complete Healing.

Because the transplants were so strong, Elijah grew Pain in his legs and had stopped walking, I had to carry or stroll him everywhere, cause he was in too much pain.The doctors were concerened about him growing more cancer cells in his legs, so they proceeded to do some testing.. but before the testing, My parents came down which were practicing their healing ministry God had called them to do. They had laid hands on elijah, prayed for him, and In an instant he was walking and in fact running around the Ronald Mcdonald house.. I have never seen an instant miracle in my whole life, I just grabbed him and balled into tears crying because how gracious and Majestic our God is! we went into tests and came out with no signs of any cancer growing in his legs... THANK THE LORD!

We had to do 12 days of Radiation and the first 2 days, Elijah was in extremem amount of Pain, because his Lymph nodes swelled from the Radiation... But after the 2 days, Elijah had NO side affects and continued to be healthy all throughout the 12 days of this. That flew by fast... This Massive mountain is out of our way!!! We will Start Maintanance therapy Sometime In October 2011, about a Year ago when his Lymph nodes grew! this will be 6 months of meds with 2 weeks at home and 2 weeks at hospital, back and forth!

About In October of 2011 we got a call after some tests before starting Maintanance therapy. This call was telling me to come back to do more tests, because they found something small and discrete in his legs... so we came back to do some testing, all the while prayers went out, cause we had the scare they may have found cancer back... Was actually scar tissue from and old tumor no longer there. God once again taken whatever was there and removed it out of the way. On that same day the Doctor Claimed Elijah Ronnie Mainville Cancer free, and he is in remission!!! SUCH JOY Ov erflowed my soul! In 10 months (less than a year) God took us through, brought us through, it has been a journey and I celebrate LIFE today and everyday I have here with my son Elijah! It came from 20% chance of living to CANCER FREE!!! woohoo! Makes me cry as I type this out! God is our healer, our comforter, my strength and shield! That when this sick and dying world brings on pain and sickness and disease God as my only HOPE in this world has heard every single prayer that was said for Elijah..

All the claiming of being cancer free out of those who have Faith for this little boy has worked! such a boost of Faith this has given our family!!

December - 2011 - 2 cycle of maintanance therapy.. Includes (amnesteem) - which is accutane, IL-2, and an antibody! This treatment to maintain his cancer to stay away has been the worst for him. He has fallen into depression and sickness... but I know when this is done he wont be in this state anymore. I wanted to quit protocol twice already. But we are taking every measure so he would never relapse... Neuroblastoma is a fast pace rapid growing cancer and it takes one cell to spreadin a matter of days! maybe months! So we are working on keeping him comfortable til Maintanance therapy is over in April of 2012. than we will be done with our treatments and protocol!! I CANT WAIT!! God has done so many things for us. He still gets all Praise and Glory for being who he is, and for helping us in times of trouble!!!

Greener pastures are just ahead, and I know God has great things in store for Ronnie and I and our family... I know partly what its gonna be, he has shown me a few things that will happen in his will! I cant wait for that either...

May 4th 2012 - Victory tears flow down my face, as the doctor shakes me hand and says congratulations!!!! You guys are all done.. no meds or labs .. dont have to visit til august... I really feel completely and totally free!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Praise the Lord For Healing Elijah!


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